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I was in the depths of an eating disorder that had escalated over nearly 20 years. I was depressed, lonely, creatively starving, working a desk job I hated, and I had no idea what I was doing with my life. Then a family tragedy led me to leave all that behind and learn how to love myself for real. Everything changed.

I went to Southeast Asia where I allowed myself to grieve: to cry, to scream, to dance, to pray. When I was ready, I came back to the US to become a yoga teacher. Over the next year, I healed my eating disorder. I found the joy of being alive, the joy of being in a healthy body that moves freely. I learned to forgive myself for my past, for the ways in which I thought I wasn't good enough, and for the ways in which I couldn't save my brother.

Now I support people in healing from compulsive eating, negative body image, anxiety, and self-loathing. I teach meditation and yoga. I write. I share. I hope to inspire others to thrive. No matter where we are and what we've been through, we always have the choice to be the best version of our unique and beautiful selves. It's a choice we get to make in each and every moment.


Lisa Rachel Snyder is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, meditation teacher (Columbia Business School, Oath, HBC, L’Oreal), public speaker, and creator of the Beautiful Badass Method: 7 Steps to a Healthy Relationship with Food, Your Body, and Yourself. Her mindfulness practices have profoundly transformed her health, both mentally and physically, so she teaches to share what she loves. Originally from Palo Alto and a graduate of Northwestern University, Lisa has traveled worldwide to study Yoga and meditation with master teachers, including Mooji Baba. She also loves astrology, excursions into the mountains, and Radiohead.

Experience teaching mindfulness at Columbia Business School, Oath, several corporations through Mindfresh. Certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor



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