A love reflection on Bali

Lisa Rachel Snyder - Bali

You know the feeling. How bursting out of your comfort zone reveals just how stuck you were. How you had to take a leap of faith. Listen to your heart’s yearnings. However blindly.

From the moment I stepped off the plane into this magical place, I’ve felt lighter, my soul nourished in a way I didn’t realize it craved. This island is like a breath of fresh air. It soothes my nerves and opens my heart. It reminds me of my little brother, his sweetness. Warmth. Encouragement. I feel heaviness melt away as I release the battle for my dreams and surrender into receptivity, allowing myself to receive all that’s already here. All that’s in motion. All that simply needs me to wake up to embrace it. This is everything. This perfect now.

~ A love reflection on Bali

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