This is the epiphany

this is the epiphany.jpeg

Thank you
When you told me you don't love me (that way)
That you're in love with her
And never me
You know what miracle you provoked?
You know what magic I perceive?
All the I'mnotlovables and something'swrongwithmes are checking themselves
They're crawling out of their hiding spaces
Impulsive pricks popping
Heartburning to the surface
Bubbles burps and bursts
Screaming at me
'See!!! Don't you see!!!'
And you know what I see?
I say 'yes I do!' because see
I'm smarter than them now
And you know what I do?
With a chuckle of relief
(This is the epiphany of pain I've been praying for)
I hearten them
'Thank you
You can go now
I don't need you anymore to survive
Now I can thrive'

Lisa Rachel Snyder