be the sunflower

be the sunflower.png

you disagree with the sunflower
that's why you're a sourpuss
your moronic insight
dissecting details
seedless intricacies
the whole point:
how to stand up straight
how to open your heart
how to be a man

but who is this man who does not listen
inside the intricacies
to the roots that just want to grow up
towards the sun
towards ecstasy
forgetting we're told
that's selfish or indulgent or something
just simple unselfconscious
wisdom of nature
sprouting seeds of laughter?

rise up with me, moron!
we'll overgrow
our life-denying death-defying grip
we'll be the sunflower
that's a child that's a phoenix that's you and that's me
then we'll look back nostalgically
back to when we were morons
because now
we remember

Lisa Rachel Snyder