How to Heal Body Image Issues / My Experience with Rosacea

I'm going through my own "body image" journey right now and thought that maybe you'd appreciate hearing about it.

So, I have this rash on my face. It's been there for about a year now.

Although I've healed my relationship with food and my body in the sense that I don't use food in a self-destructive way anymore, I have more work to do because...

I still value myself based on the way I look.

Now my face is making me *face* this in a big way now... and although it's not fun to go through, I see that it's blessing because it's enabling me grow.

Healing is ongoing. And the more we lean into it and embrace it, the more we gain, the stronger we become, and the more optimistic we feel about EVERYTHING.

This attitude is the key. Even when it sucks, look for the silver lining. There always is one.

I took this video a couple weeks ago but was too scared to post it.

It was day 2 of what ended up being a 3.5 day water fast to heal my body, and you know what? It helped my skin! A LOT. See how it looks today:

After a 3.5 day water fast

After a 3.5 day water fast

I still have a lot more work to do, but this is what I’ve been up to the last few weeks...


Rage. Self-hatred. Criticism. Judgement. Frustration. Impatience.

Have you noticed that in most spiritual circles, all emotions are encouraged except for ANGER? We’re told to “rise above” anger, but that’s total bullshit! Anger is valid and needs to be expressed just as much as any emotion. Especially because grief is always hiding underneath it.

So I’ve been expressing my anger through breathwork, screaming, punching pillows, letting this inner child feel alllll the rage so that it can release.


In addition to the water fast, I did a blood test to see if I have any allergies I wasn’t aware of, and it turns out I have MANY! Nearly 50!!! See:

Food sensitivities causing my Rosacea

Food sensitivities causing my Rosacea

That’s one of the reasons why the water fast helped so much... it eliminated the allergens, so my body / skin had a chance to heal! The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate all of those foods and still have a social life... and I refuse to let food prevent me from enjoying my life (that’s what happened when I had an eating disorder, and it was miserable).

So now I’m doing something new and exciting! In addition to continuing to heal emotionally, I’m working with a holistic doctor who specializes in REMOVING FOOD ALLERGIES!

I’ll keep you updated on this whole healing process, but in the meantime, watch my Instagram story highlight to follow a liver flush that my holistic doctor is leading me through.

If you want to learn more about how to heal your relationship with food and take your power back, check out the Beautiful Badass Method.