Redefining Success: How to Live a Life of Joy

Bali 2019

Bali 2019

Most of us don't prioritize joy. Our culture has taught us to prioritize success and achievement, but what is success and achievement without joy? What's the point? 

Recently, I've come to believe that joy IS success. That's it. If you live a life of emotional nourishment, you’ve made it.

This doesn't mean you stop moving toward goals. It simply means that you appreciate where you are, moment by moment, because if you're not finding joy within the process of achieving your goals, then you're missing the point. 

Success is a nourished soul.

In rethinking my own choices recently, I've decided to move to Bali. I realized that I can continue to strive toward all my goals from there, while enjoying my life in the meantime because to me, joy is what matters.

Do you feel successful? If not, here are three steps to reprioritizing your life:

Step 1: Take Stock

Ask yourself, what would make you happy. What would happiness look like? Really allow your imagination to go there. Then notice the FEELINGS around your happy life. The achievements are less important than how they make you feel. And you can FEEL you can feel those feelings without the achievements.

Step 2: Let Go

Make space for the happiness. That means you have to remove toxicity and let go of the things that are keeping you from feeling joy. Go all Marie Kondo on this and do a purge of your home, letting go of clutter and attachments that don’t “spark joy.” Also remove yourself from relationships and situations that are uncomfortable and no longer serving you. Learn to say ‘NO’ when you’re acting out of obligation rather that joy.

Step 3: Trust Your Heart

Listen to your inner guidance, and then take a leap of faith. You may not fully understand where it’s taking you, and that’s the test of faith. Pass that test, and your life begins to flow in a whole new vibration: the vibration of Joy. When you’re in this vibration, even more joy and abundance is magnetically attracted to you. Enjoy!

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