4 Steps to Freedom from Forbidden Foods

Lisa Rachel Snyder - Stephanie Cowan Photography

I’ve gotten migraines for years. Like most people, I used to take medicine to relieve them, even though that never really worked. The migraines used to be such a burden I’d get so upset every time I felt one coming on. Like they had the power to make my life a living hell or not. Like they ruled me.

Then I met a teacher who guided me to see that no one and no thing has the power to make me suffer or thrive without my permission - I choose how I perceive all experiences. A few weeks later, I got an agonizing migraine, and for the first time in my life, I didn't resist it. I surrendered to it. I allowed to be there without bracing from the pain, without trying to change it, just letting it be okay as it was and knowing that, like all things, it wouldn’t last forever.

Then something amazing happened. I realized that I could observe the pain of my migraine without attaching to it. Although the pain was still there, it was like I was removed from it in a way. It was separate from me and no longer a source of suffering.

Suffering comes from expectations about how we believe things should be. As a result, we resist the way things are. When we don't have expectations, when we’re open to life unfolding as it does without labeling experiences as good or bad, then we don't suffer. Then we’re free.

Food freedom also requires that we remove expectations. Maybe you’re like me and you avoided a long list of “forbidden foods” for years. Maybe you still avoid foods because you fear them. Do you realize that you’re giving these foods your power? As if you're bracing for a migraine?

When we stop labeling specific foods as good or bad and allow them all to be options, we’re free to choose the foods that give us the greatest benefit. We don’t feel guilty about slip-ups because it’s impossible to slip up. We eat as an act of love for ourselves, not as a burden. We're at peace with food so we can live our lives fully. We're free.


4 Steps to Freedom from Forbidden Foods:

1. Remove expectations. Don’t label any food as allowed or not allowed, good or bad. They’re all options. Now you have choice.

2. Trust in life unfolding for your greatest and highest good. This doesn’t mean everything goes your way in the short term. It means that eventually it all falls into place. You’re constantly evolving in the most perfect way at all times, even though that's hard to see when you're in the midst of something challenging.

3. Act out of self-love. The outcome of any action reflects the intention behind that action. When your intention is to be loving toward yourself, you'll naturally be drawn to the experiences that are aligned with that love. This includes the choices you make regarding food, physical activity, the people you relate to, etc. Act of of self-love and you’ll never go wrong.

4. Be patient. The path to healing is never a straight path. It’s rough and windy. Many times over, you may feel like you messed up, but the truth is, you’re still on your path to healing. Have faith and be patient. You've got this.