The Greatest Teacher


Death is the greatest teacher of life. It’s final - nothing you can say or do to change it - and the mind can’t wrap its head around that, so something inside has to break. Some sense of control is lost. Some identity shatters. It’s vicious. It’s disastrous. It’s horrifying. It’s hopeful. 

After all that collapse, all that pain and terror, something new emerges, something new that recognizes you never had control in the first place. To the extent that you accept this, to the extent that you trust and surrender to the uncertain flow of life, you are liberated.

Not only is today the anniversary of my brother Danny’s death, but it’s also my teacher Mooji’s birthday. Danny led me to Mooji, who teaches me to transcend uncertainty by embodying true love. Mooji, who teaches me surrender.

Although this is not an easy day for me, it is a day full of feeling and a profound reminder that wherever there is sorrow there is joy, wherever there is shadow there is illumination, and wherever there is death there is rebirth. Always always. Living authentically means honoring all.