what to do when you really really really want to binge

Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images

It's coming. You've been planning for it, looking forward to it even. You just went to the store to buy donuts and potato chips and all of the foods you normally deprive yourself of. You want to gorge yourself, you want to lose control, for just a little while. You'll get back to it tomorrow, but for now, you just want to fucking let go!

Here is a list of things to think about and try before you binge. You may still decide it's worth it, and you know what? That's okay. You can read about what to do AFTER a binge here, but for now...

1. Get into your body 

Go into Downward Facing Dog and breathe. Breathe deeply into your whole body. Don't analyze it, just be there. Let go. After ten breathes, walk your feet forward and hang over your legs. Keep breathing there for another ten breaths. Then rest in Child's Pose.

2. Meditate

Sit for at least 5 minutes. Go into a bathroom stall if you're at work and have no privacy elsewhere...I've definitely done that before. (Do this after getting into your body, if at all possible.)

3. Reflect

Now is the time to reflect. What is it you REALLY want? Find a way to give that to yourself.

4. Wait

Wait at least 30 minutes. Make yourself some tea.

5. Ask for help

Call a friend, someone you trust, someone who understands. Share how you're feeling.

6. Forgive yourself

If after all these steps, you still feel the need to binge, then what you're getting out of the binge is something you need right now. There's still learning in it. Go ahead, then forgive yourself, and look at it. What happened? What led up to the binge (this could have been days, weeks, years back, something you've been holding onto)?

I had to go through these motions for over a year, watching myself binge. And you know what? Eventually they stopped because I kept at it. Keep going. If you do, one day you won't desire a binge anymore because you'll respect yourself too damn much!