Kindness is Underrated

© Tatyana Tomsickova |

© Tatyana Tomsickova |

You know how when you put money in a sleeping homeless person's cup, it makes you feel tingles-all-over good about yourself? How you don't even need gratitude to feel that tingly good feeling? How it's maybe even better without the recognition? Or what about when you yell at someone who cuts you off? Regardless of how you make the other person feel, how angry do you feel towards yourself?

The way we treat others directly affects the way we feel about ourselves. It's easy to forget this (I definitely forgot this on the phone with Verizon customer service this morning), but there's no denying it's true. When we're kind to others, we're being kind to ourselves.

I healed my eating disorder when I chose a compassionate diet. At the time, I was taking a stand for what I believed in. I had no idea that my entire relationship with food and the way I felt about myself would shift so dramatically in the process. In fact, I thought I would gain weight and feel worse in my skin from all the carbs I was eating! Quite the opposite happened: I lost weight and gained confidence. 

Now I am a strict vegan because that feels right to me. I'm not saying you have to be 100% vegan to heal your relationship with food and your body image. However, I am saying that you have to eat in a way that is in line with your personal integrity. If you feel good about the way you are contributing to the world around you, you will feel good about yourself. It's that simple.

Lisa Rachel Snyder