What To Do If Your Metabolism Has Slowed Down Over the Years

"My weight has been slowly creeping up over the years. I'm pretty healthy - I eat organic foods, follow a meal plan, and exercise regularly, but my metabolism has slowed down, and it's super frustrating.

Do I have to just accept that this is my new body now that I'm getting older, or is there something I can do that I haven't tried?"

This is a super common question, and I want to address it in a couple of parts.

***Yes, it's important to accept your body as it is right now (for a lot of reasons) AND there's something more you can do.***


Yes, you have to accept your body as it is right now AND yes, there’s something more you can do.

When you accept your body as it is right now, you're alerting your system that it can relax and let go. You flood yourself with positive emotions that enable your body to work optimally.

You also balance out your hormones, which regulate your weight, and this increases your metabolism.

Alternatively, if you continue to wish you looked different, on a subconscious level, you're telling yourself, 'I'm not okay as I am, so I need to be punished.' This leads to self-destructive behaviors with food (and beyond).


You have an important choice to make. You can continue to listen to what other people are telling you to do with YOUR body - the diets, the meal plans, the clean eating, the exercise routines, the 21 day challenges, etc. -


When you listen to your body, trust it, and act from a place of self love, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Your body and hormones comes into balance. You look your best. You feel amazing - inside and out!