3 Surprising Eating Behaviors that are NOT Healthy

What IS a healthy relationship with food? There’s a big difference between healthy food itself and a healthy RELATIONSHIP with food. 

The relationship is most important because it affects your mental health and experience of life, which impacts your physical health.

When you have a healthy relationship with food, your body works efficiently, you’re drawn to foods that nourish you physically and emotionally, you don’t experience guilt or self-punishment, and you enjoy the pleasure of eating.

So what’s surprisingly NOT healthy?

1. Obsessively eating “clean” and feeling guilty when you eat something that’s not “clean.”
♥️ HEALTHY SOLUTION: Ease up! Indulge sometimes. Anything obsessive isn’t healthy.

2. Denying your body and its natural cravings because some “expert” or diet told you to avoid them.
♥️ HEALTHY SOLUTION: Listen to your body! It’s your expert! Other people can make recommendations, but ultimately only YOU know what’s best for you.
*The only exception to this rule is if you’re avoiding cravings because you have an addiction or allergy to certain foods. In this case, avoid them until that’s resolved.

3. Exercising and eating for the sake of burning calories.
♥️ HEALTHY SOLUTION: Exercise and eat for the sake of JOY! Intention is what matters. When you act out of self kindness and really tune into your body, you’ll see that sometimes it wants to move for the joy of moving. Sometimes it wants to rest for the joy of resting. Sometimes it wants to eat for the joy of eating. Sometimes it wants to fast for the joy of fasting. 


A healthy relationship with food comes down to this:

Do you follow your rational mind? Or do you follow your heart and intuitive wisdom?

Once you shift from mind to intuition, it all flows.