How to REALLY Eat Whatever You Want and Be Healthy

I know that “eat whatever you want” sounds like eating cupcakes and donuts all day (or is that just me?), and that may be the case if you’ve been eating a restrictive diet for a long time.

As soon as a food isn’t “allowed” it’s more tempting.

But when I talk about eat whatever you want now, I mean, eat whatever your BODY wants.

Your body wants to feel good and be healthy. When you tune into your body, it tells you what it needs to feel good and be healthy!

If you’ve been denying yourself certain food groups or nutrients for awhile, it’s first going to crave those food groups and nutrients in order to come back into a balanced state.

But when you begin to let your body call the shots, soon enough you notice that your body craves all foods... vegetables, fruits, carbs, fats, etc.

So eat whatever you want means eat whatever your body wants. This is how you come into a healthy body as well as a healthy relationship with food long term.

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