Coping with Late Night Eating

You feel like you’re “good” all day, but at night you have overwhelming food cravings.

You end up eating leftovers while standing in front of the refrigerator or binging on peanut butter from the jar.

You go to bed steeped in your own self loathing, and when you wake up on the morning, you can still feel the peanut butter congealing in your stomach, so that shame carries with you into the next day when you try to be “good” again.

Sound familiar?

This was me for many years but not anymore. What’s changed is ONE important thing.

I don’t make it wrong!

It’s not wrong when you have late night food cravings. I know... most dietitians will tell you never eat right before bed, but what if I told you it’s okay to eat:

🥜 Whatever you want?
🥜 Whenever you want?

Would you?

If you give yourself PERMISSION to eat that way, then you begin discerning your what’s best for you.

Maybe rather than eating PB out of the jar, you’d sit down and have yourself a nice PB sandwich. Maybe you wouldn’t even finish it because you aren’t that hungry! Or maybe you’d decide to go to bed and eat a big breakfast in the morning.

All of these choices are okay.

The point is, you’re listening to what’s right for you and acting out of self respect.

This is Empowered Eating. This is food freedom.

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