20 minutes to a healthy relationship with food… for good!


Welcome! This program will teach you how to shift your mindset so you can have the body you want, stop using food to mask your feelings, and have a healthy relationship with food that lasts.

xo, Lisa



Ready to learn to shift your relationship with food? Let’s go!

Food Choices Introduction

How do you know what foods to choose? Listen to your body.

Mindfulness Exercise

Get grounded, tune into your body, and intuit what foods it desires.

Mindful Eating Steps

  1. Hunger

  2. Choice

  3. Calm

  4. Ritual

  5. Pace

  6. Satisfaction

  7. Patience

Food Freedom

Do you want this way of eating to become second nature? So you never worry about your weight or diet again? Learn more about the Beautiful Badass Method.

Learn more about the
Beautiful Badass Method
7 Week Online Course.




  • Nutritionist for eating disorders (Worldwide, based in NYC): Nikki Ostrower

  • Plant-based nutritionist for intuitive eating (Worldwide, based in NYC): Haley Harzynski

  • Holistic health and nutrition with applied kinesiology (NYC): Nova Landaeus

  • Intuitive readings and coaching (Worldwide): Judith Pynn