20 minutes to a healthy relationship with food… for good!

Do You:

  • Use food as comfort and feel guilty about it?

  • Have overwhelming cravings?

  • Wish you could lose a few pounds just to feel confident when you look in the mirror?

  • Feel like you’re always on a meal plan? Or trying to be?

  • Have no idea what it means to ‘listen to your body’?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then I’d like to invite you to join the Mindful Eating Masterclass and change your relationship with food forever.

I know you’ve heard this a million times, so why would this be any different? Because in this course, you’ll…


Lisa Rachel Snyder, Before & After the Mindset Shift.

Lisa Rachel Snyder, Before & After the Mindset Shift.

First off, hi! I’m Lisa. Former obsessive dieter. Former exercise addict.

For 20 years, I hated my body. Always on a detox, cleanse, meal plan, I exercised obsessively, and was often doing all the “right things.”

At the same time, I lived in shame and wouldn't even dare touch my stomach while laying alone in bed.

But now, everything's changed. I listen to my body, eat what I crave, and truly feel beautiful.

I’ve actually become one of those people I used to resent - the ones who can eat whatever they want without gaining weight!

I'm not sharing this to brag but to let you know two important things:

  1. I understand what you're going through.

  2. I have the solution for you.

I struggled through it. I broke free. And I’m going to show you the joy of this freedom!!

What you’ll get

The Mindful Eating Masterclass gives you simple and practical tools to…

  • Change your relationship with food by shifting your MINDSET.

  • Listen to your body so you can choose the foods that are most healthy and nourishing for YOU.

  • Eat consciously, intuitively, and with PLEASURE - like you did when you were a kid!


Mindful Eating Masterclass by Lisa Snyder - 7 Steps Table


“I never realized how much I used food to comfort myself... Now I know that I have the power and confidence to create an accepting, loving, soothing, nurturing, affirming, supportive, kind environment for myself, within myself.”

-Lindsey C.

“(This course) takes you to a deeper level of understanding your body's needs and how our minds can either sabotage or boost our efforts to a healthier state. (Lisa)'s clear, concise and extremely supportive. She’s such a beautiful soul... I am so grateful to her.”

-Jessica P.

"The personal challenges that Lisa has faced give her empathy, authority and a grounding strength. Her words about coming home to one’s mind/body continue to echo for me."

-Charles G.

“Lisa offers wonderful tools and techniques to explore (and I have several favorites now!) but more than anything, she lovingly ushers you towards your own solutions, where real healing happens.”

-Stephanie M.

Lisa Rachel Snyder - Intuitive Eating Coach - Creator of the Beautiful Badass Method - Photo by Sophia Shrank

Lisa Rachel Snyder is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, meditation teacher (Columbia Business School, Oath, HBC, L’Oreal), public speaker, and creator of the Beautiful Badass Method: 7 Steps to a Healthy Relationship with Food, Your Body, and Yourself. Her mindfulness practices have profoundly transformed her health, both mentally and physically, so she teaches to share what she loves.


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