Lisa Rachel Snyder - Beautiful Badass Whole, Photo by Tomasz Rudski

Beautiful Badass Method is like a seven-part song to your soul that will completely transform how you look at your relationship with food and yourself.”

You’re here because you’re ready for this. You’re ready to be done with binges, diets, self-punishing, and self-loathing for good. You’re ready to move beyond recovery so that food and your body aren’t a source of anxiety anymore. You’re ready for real freedom.

Welcome to the Beautiful Badass Method!

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  • This is not a diet nor an eating disorder recovery program. It’s about coming into true freedom with food, like the way you knew how to eat when you were a kid. You don’t have to obsess with food anymore. You can be free.

  • Learn the 7 steps to a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

  • Timing is different for everyone, but the more you commit, the more quickly you’ll see results.

  • Healing is not a straight path, so it’s important to trust in the process and yourself, but soon you’ll see…



Beautiful Badass Method is like a seven-part song to your soul that will completely transform how you look at your relationship with food and yourself. I was so thrilled that this course goes many layers deeper than other programs that just promise you some tips and tricks. You won't be hearing any nonsense about cheat days etc.  Lisa offers wonderful tools and techniques to explore (and I have several favorites now!) but more than anything, she lovingly ushers you towards your own solutions, where real healing happens. I have come to understand that the food "struggle" is an invitation to cultivate profound self-love. This profound shift in perspective, which the course carefully breaks down step by step, has been at the root of my shift in behavior. So grateful for the wealth of wisdom that Lisa has shared!” - Stephanie M.

“Following the Beautiful Badass Method is one of the kindest things I have ever done for myself. I have been uncomfortable in my body and overweight for 25 years. I never realized how much I used food to comfort myself any time I felt feelings that I just did not know what else to do with- when I was stressed, when I was sad, when I was uncomfortable, when I was bored, when I was lonely. I never realized how much I was suffering. Only now do I realize that this was the only comfort mechanism I knew and although I was trying my best at the time, there is a much kinder way. Now I know that I have the power and confidence to create an accepting, loving, soothing, nurturing, affirming, supportive, kind environment for myself, within myself. After all this time, I can heal my relationship with food and truly love myself. Lisa’s Beautiful Badass Method opened up this possibility for me and has changed my life.” - Lindsey C.

“For anyone who believes in spirituality, Lisa takes you to a deeper level of understanding your body's needs and how our minds can either sabotage or boost our efforts to a healthier state. She's clear, concise and extremely supportive. She’s such a beautiful soul and for her to not only share her experiences, but to encourage others is truly amazing. I am so grateful to her.” - Jessica P.