Beautiful Badass: Week 6



If you’re beginning to feel frustrated, then you’re right on track. That’s part of the healing process, as is forgiving yourself.


Intro to Integrity and Forgiveness

This week is about Step 5: Integrity and Step 6: Forgiveness.

Integrity Overview

Integrity, The Throat Chakra, development, traumas, symptoms, and healing.

Life Purpose

Your own unique self-expression is your gift to the world. Learn how you find it.

Words Matter

Words are like spells. What we say creates what we experience.

Forgiveness Overview

Forgiveness, The Third Eye Chakra, development, traumas, symptoms, and healing.

Mindful Movement

Get into your body with a focus on the throat and neck area.


Humming helps to open up the voice and break through fears of speaking your truth.

Self-Healing Forgiveness Meditation

This meditation has two parts. 1. Compassion for yourself and your parents. 2. Forgiveness of resentments.

This Week’s Practices

1. Express Yourself
2. Forgiveness
3. Self-Awareness / Grounding / Mindful Eating / Exposure / Compassion