Beautiful Badass: Week 2



This week, we’re building a steady and joyful foundation.


Intro to Grounding

Welcome back! This week is all about Step 1: Grounding.

Grounding Overview

Learn how grounding relates to food, The Root Chakra, development, trauma, symptoms, and healing.

An Example

See what it looks like to be grounded vs. not grounded.

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement looks a little like stretching, but it’s more conscious. You’re moving with conscious awareness, linking movement with the breath. This brings you into your body and the present moment.


This is a guided breathing technique to calm the nervous system, leading into two grounding affirmation mantras.

“I am safe.” “I belong.”


This exercise is vital to a healthy your relationship with food. In it, you’ll learn to listen to your body’s intuition and recognize that have all the answers inside. This is about more than food. When you do this consistently, you begin to trust yourself more in all aspects of your life.

A Note on Substance

Substances take us out of our bodies and prevent us from being grounded. Optional recommendation: limit alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational substances while going through this program.

This Week’s Practices

1. Grounding
2. Intuition
3. Self-Awareness

OPTIONAL BONUS VIDEOS: My personal favorite grounding exercises


In this powerful exercise, you release energetic negativity and toxins while simultaneously grounding the body.

Full Body Relaxation

Also known as Yoga Nidra, in this exercise, you relax the entire body while bringing awareness into the present moment. Ideal for bedtime.