ready to Know just how powerful you are?

Lisa Rachel Snyder the founder of the 7 step beautiful badass method.

This is about much more than food.

But you already know that.

The truth is, your metabolism doesn’t work properly when you punish yourself for not being good enough.

It’s time to shift your relationship with yourself.

But first, is this you?

You’re feeling sad, exhausted, stressed. To get comfort, you end up eating a whole pint of ice cream… and then, you feel even worse!

You feel guilty and ashamed of what you did. So you punish yourself by exercising obsessively or by going on a strict diet.

After a few days, you have a hard day at work, and what do you do? Exactly the same thing!

And this vicious cycle continues… until now.

It’s time to get that rockin’ body… by doing something radical: being KIND to yourself.


I learned this the hard way.

For 20 years, I did every detox, cleanse, diet, meal plan, and fitness program there was. I exercised obsessively and did all the “right things” (most of the time).

But I still felt so much body shame that I wouldn't even dare touch my stomach while laying alone in bed at night.

Then a family tragedy taught me to look at things differently. I shifted my mindset and everything changed.

I stopped turning to food for the comfort I could only find within myself. I became my own friend.

Now I listen to my body, eat what I crave and truly feel beautiful.

I’ve become one of those people I used to resent - the ones who eat whatever they want without gaining weight!

This is what I’m here to show you:

How to have a body you love in the way that LASTS… by loving yourself first.



“The Beautiful Badass Method really changed my life. I can’t even put in words how it changed. My weight was going up and down all the time. I was 8 kilos heavier than I am now. I was doing all types of diets you can imagine. I was exercising 2 times per day, I was doing everything, and I couldn’t lose one single pound. Now I have a good relationship with myself, I don’t punish myself, I love myself for who I am, I feel beautiful. Everybody was asking, ‘What happened to you? What is your secret?’ It’s the Beautiful Badass Method. That’s my secret.”

-Carol F.



The Beautiful Badass Method 7-week course will teach you Empowered Eating. Centered in mindful movement, breathing techniques, and guided meditation, you’ll debunk common diet industry misconceptions, and completely transform over the next 7 weeks.

The Beautiful Badass Method Transformation by Lisa Rachel Snyder

Diet Industry Misconception: My metabolism isn’t fast enough.
Beautiful Badass Explanation: It’s not about your metabolism. It’s about your MINDSET.
The 7-Week Shift: You balance your chakras to balance your body, mind, and spirit. When your hormones come into balance, your metabolism sky-rockets!

1+%282%29.jpgThe Beautiful Badass Method Transformation by Lisa Rachel Snyder

Diet Industry Misconception: If I go off my meal plan, I won’t be able to stop eating.
Beautiful Badass Explanation: When you listen to your body and eat what it truly wants, you’ll never overeat. No more overwhelming cravings.
The 7-Week Shift: You own your power and trust yourself with food and beyond, so you can live your life without worrying about calories, fats, or carbs.

The Beautiful Badass Method Transformation by Lisa Rachel Snyder

Diet Industry Misconception: Emotional eating is bad.
Beautiful Badass Explanation: Eating is meant to be joyful! When you’re eating as an act of self-love, you’re allowed to indulge and comfort yourself with food once and awhile. What matters is the INTENTION behind the way you’re eating.
The 7-Week Shift: You treat yourself like you’d treat anyone you love: with KINDNESS.


This method is designed to last a lifetime. It’s not just a summer project.

Lisa Rachel Snyder, Creator of the Beautiful Badass Method

What is a beautiful badass?

A beautiful badass is strong, courageous, and fiercely benevolent. S/he listens to her heart and lives her/his truth, so her whole life is an expression of love. She never sees herself as a victim but rather as an empowered creator. She recognizes the good in every situation, does her best, honors her limitations, and knows when and when not to break the rules. She’s the warrior goddess in each of us, and she fully embodies the true meaning of the word be-YOU-tiful: being fully you.

Ready to become a beautiful badass?


The Beautiful Badass Method is based on the 7 Chakras. By balancing your chakras, you make peace with food, boost your metabolism, and become your own best friend.

The Beautiful Badass Method Steps by Lisa Rachel Snyder

STEP 1: GROUNDING - root chakra

Get out of your head and into your body so you can listen to your body’s inherent wisdom. Your body is always in the present moment, which is the source of your intuition. When you’re grounded in your body, stress levels decrease, hormones come into balance, and your metabolism sky-rockets!

Step 2: NOURISHMENT - Sacral Chakra

Distinguish between your mind’s cravings and your body’s cravings. Choose what nourishes you rather than what your diet asks for. Only your body’s cravings will truly satisfy you. When you listen, you don’t have to think about food all day long.

Step 3: EMPOWERMENT - Solar Plexus Chakra

Eat only when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full. This takes practice and willpower at first, but soon you learn to trust yourself. Trusting yourself means taking your power back. It means knowing with certainty that you have all the answers inside. When you develop this inner authority, no one else has authority over you. You’re the boss of your life.

Step 4: LOVE - Heart Chakra

Your relationship with others - including your relationship with food - reflects your relationship with yourself. That’s why it’s important to eat in a way that’s aligned with your values. When you do this, your heart magically opens and reflects back to you in kind.

Step 5: INTEGRITY - Throat Chakra

Stick with it. Honor yourself by always getting back on track no matter how many times you think you’ve failed. Trust that what felt like a failure was actually something you needed to unhook a deeper layer of resistance.

Step 6: FORGIVENESS - Third Eye Chakra

When you see the whole picture with clarity, forgiveness is effortless. You see that everything that happens is the result of everything that has happened. You see that every experience has served you, and that there’s no reason to blame anyone, especially yourself.

Step 7: INTEGRATION - Crown Chakra

Most of us have a habit of identifying with our minds. When we believe our thoughts, they become our reality, but they’re really just thoughts. Through Self-awareness, you realize you ‘re much more than your body and your thoughts. When you connect with who you truly are, then there’s no temptation to fall back on old habits. Then you’re truly free.


According to this study, an unhealthy relationship with food costs an average of $5,000/year.

SAVE $4,400
in just THE FIRST year!

This investment in yourself lasts a lifetime.

*RISK FREE: get a full refund if you decide within the 1st week that this isn’t for you.

*Scroll down to FAQS for details.


Beautiful Badass Whole by Lisa Rachel Snyder, Photo by Rachel Park via

Beautiful badass WHOLE

Are you ready to change your life for good? Beautiful Badass Whole is the exclusive method to a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself. If you’re ready for big changes, this program is for you.

Beautiful Badass Heart by Lisa Rachel Snyder, Photo by Nordwood Themes via

Beautiful badass HEART

Do you want a more personalized experience? Beautiful Badass Heart is the complete method plus 1 PRIVATE COACHING SESSION to give you a little extra support and accountability during your healing process.

Beautiful Badass Soul by Lisa Rachel Snyder, Photo by Alexandra Golovac via

Beautiful badass SOUL

Do you want to your hand held along the way to transformation? This is the full method, plus 7 WEEKLY COACHING SESSIONS to give you all the support you need to heal your relationship with food for good!


7 Beautiful Badass Method Steps$700 Value
7 Mindful Eating Steps$400 Value
7 Weeks of Videos$400 Value
20 Mindfulness Exercises$300 Value
Personal Coaching Session-$400 Value
Personal Coaching 7 Weeks--$$$$ Value
BONUS: 7 Worksheets$70 Value
BONUS: Access to Resources$30 Value
Total Value$1,900$2,200-
Current Price$397$697Available Upon Request
7 Beautiful Badass Method Steps$700 Value
Mindful Eating Steps$400 Value
7 Weeks of Videos$400 Value
20 Mindfulness Exercises$300 Value
Personal Coaching Session-$400 Value
Personal Coaching 7 Weeks-$2,800 Value
BONUS: 7 Worksheets$70 Value
BONUS: Access to Resources$30 Value
Total Value$1,900
Current Price$397
7 Beautiful Badass Method Steps$700 Value
7 Mindful Eating Steps$400 Value
7 Weeks of Videos$400 Value
20 Mindfulness Exercises$300 Value
Personal Coaching Session$400 Value
Personal Coaching 7 Weeks-$2,800 Value
BONUS: 7 Worksheets$70 Value
BONUS: Access to Resources$30 Value
Total Value$2,200
Current Price$697
7 Beautiful Badass Method Steps$700 Value
7 Mindful Eating Steps$400 Value
7 Weeks of Videos$400 Value
20 Mindfulness Exercises$300 Value
Personal Coaching Session$400 Value
Personal Coaching 7 Weeks$$$$ Value
BONUS: 7 Worksheets$70 Value
BONUS: Access to Resources$30 Value
Total Value-
Current PriceAvailable Upon Request

Lisa Rachel Snyder - Beautiful Badass Coaching - Photo by Stephanie Cowan


Personal coaching with Lisa is included with Beautiful Badass Heart (1 session) and Beautiful Badass Soul (7 weekly sessions).


  • Understand what is keeping you from having true confidence in yourself.

  • Stay focused and true to your body.

  • Break through personal blockages or fears.

  • Be accountable and stay on schedule with the 7 week course.

  • Integrate extra tools that are specifically designed for YOU.

“I’m here to empower you to trust you own intuition, so you see that you have all the answers inside.” -Lisa

REACH OUT TO Schedule YOUR Free Discovery Call!


“Following the Beautiful Badass Method is one of the kindest things I have ever done for myself. I have been uncomfortable in my body and overweight for 25 years. I never realized how much I used food to comfort myself any time I felt feelings that I just did not know what else to do with- when I was stressed, when I was sad, when I was uncomfortable, when I was bored, when I was lonely. I never realized how much I was suffering. Only now do I realize that this was the only comfort mechanism I knew and although I was trying my best at the time, there is a much kinder way. Now I know that I have the power and confidence to create an accepting, loving, soothing, nurturing, affirming, supportive, kind environment for myself, within myself. After all this time, I can heal my relationship with food and truly love myself. Lisa’s Beautiful Badass Method opened up this possibility for me and has changed my life.”

-Lindsey c.

“The Beautiful Badass Method is like a seven-part song to your soul that will completely transform how you look at your relationship with food and yourself. I was so thrilled that this course goes many layers deeper than other programs that just promise you some tips and tricks. You won't be hearing any nonsense about cheat days etc.  Lisa offers wonderful tools and techniques to explore (and I have several favorites now!) but more than anything, she lovingly ushers you towards your own solutions, where real healing happens. I have come to understand that the food "struggle" is an invitation to cultivate profound self-love. This profound shift in perspective, which the course carefully breaks down step by step, has been at the root of my shift in behavior. So grateful for the wealth of wisdom that Lisa has shared!”

-Stephanie M.

Christine Suero - Beautiful Badass Method with Lisa Rachel Snyder - Testimonial

"I am forever grateful that people like Lisa exist in the world. She is incredibly intuitive, full of wisdom and genuinely interested in guiding us all to the truth of what really matters in this life. I can always count on Lisa to help me work through challenges and rejuvenate my spirit. She is a true gem and a great gift to the world."

-Christine S.


"The (Beautiful Badass) course has many insights with which I easily relate and understand. I was enlightened to learn about my body and mind from a person who seemed authentic and trustworthy. This made me have faith in the tools suggested, and they feel natural! Food ritual, grounding exercises, meditation, breathing, mindful movement, mindful eating, perspective… So much heart was put into the making. It shows through the content!"

-Emily A.

Charles Goforth - Beautiful Badass Method with Lisa Rachel Snyder - Testimonial

"The personal challenges that Lisa has faced give her empathy, authority and a grounding strength. Her words about coming home to one’s mind/body continue to echo for me."

-Charles G.

“It all makes perfect sense and I feel...freed. If you had asked me before if I felt food was a cause of anxiety in my life, I would have said no. I am not one of those people who have tried every diet under the sun. But I have been trying to eat "better" for the better part of 15 years and I realize now that I have been doing myself an injustice. Lisa has changed my perspective completely and I want to thank her. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am excited about the journey.”

-Bridget D.


1. Will I be learning about diet and nutrition?

This is a course on intuitive eating and self-love. It's not a diet. Nutrition will be mentioned, but this program is more about listening to your body, trusting yourself, and finding freedom with food so you can confidently eat what you truly want, be healthy, and feel satisfied. If you're looking for a nutrition course, this isn't the one for you.

2. Does it actually work?

Yes. Although the time frame for freedom is different for everyone, if you're committed to this program, YOU WILL HEAL your relationship with food and your body. And you'll do this while learning to truly love and value yourself. That's why it lasts.

3. Do I have to do the course in 7 weeks?

Each week, you'll receive a new set of videos. The timing allows you a week to integrate the new skills and tools from the previous week. That said, you can take a week off, go back, do the whole course and repeat later. Once the videos have been released over the 7 weeks, you'll have access to them for at least a year, so you can follow your own timeline.

4. How much does it cost?

There are 3 different sign up options. You can choose the option that's best for you and your schedule.

5. Will I be able to ask personal questions?

Yes. No matter which course option you sign up for, you'll have access to the private Facebook group where you can share, ask questions, and give or receive support.

6. Do you offer private coaching?

Yes, you can receive coaching as support to the online program. If you'd like this personalized experience with Lisa's support, then Beautiful Badass Heart or Soul is for you.

7. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes. If you decide within the week that this course is not for you, no problem! You can email for a full refund. *Email must be received within the 7 days of enrollment. Note that this applies to the 7-week course only. Private coaching is sessions are non-refundable.

Beautiful Badass Method by Lisa Rachel Snyder, Photo by Miko Owada

I know how frustrating it is. I know you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re losing faith in yourself.

That’s why I created this program. So you can trust yourself again.

So much love,