7-week online course

Beautiful badass METHOD

7 Mindful Steps to Intuitive Eating & Self-Love

Lisa Rachel Snyder the founder of the 7 step beautiful badass method.

Do You...

  • Often feel uncomfortable in your skin?

  • Struggle to eat in a healthy way?

  • Wish you could stop dieting for good, eat what you want, and still feel confident in your body?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this program was designed for you.

Eat like you love yourself.


Beautiful Badass is about eating intuitively. Centered on mindfulness, self-love, movement, breathwork, and meditation, this 7-week course will teach you:

  • The 7 steps to a healthy relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

  • How to own your power and trust yourself (with food and beyond).

  • How to truly love yourself - inside and out.


Have more questions? Check out the FAQs for more information and course details.


Watch below to understand what the Beautiful Badass Method is really about.



Get out of your head and into your body so you can listen to your body’s inherent wisdom. Your body is always in the present moment, which is the source of your intuition.


Distinguish between your mind’s cravings and your body’s cravings. Choose what nourishes you rather than what your diet asks for. Only your body’s cravings will truly satisfy you.


Eat only when you’re hungry and stop eating exactly when you’re full. This takes practice and willpower at first, but keep working at it until you learn to trust yourself. Trusting yourself means taking your power back. It means knowing that you have all the answers inside.

Step 4: LOVE

Give yourself permission to be kind to yourself by choosing a diet and/or lifestyle that is compassionate toward others, whatever that means to you. You’ll see how your heart magically opens and reflects back to you in kind.


Stick with it. Honor yourself by always getting back on track no matter how many times you think you’ve failed. Trust that what felt like a failure was actually something you needed to unhook a deeper layer of resistance.


When you pull back enough to see the whole picture with clarity, forgiveness comes naturally. You see that everything that happens is the result of everything that has happened. You see that you need every experience to grow, that there’s no reason to blame anyone, especially yourself.


Most of us have a habit of identifying with our minds. When we believe our thoughts, they become like reality, but they’re really just thoughts. They only have power over you if you identify with them. Through Self-awareness, you realize you ‘re much more than your body and your thoughts. When you connect with who you truly are, then you’re free.


1. Will I be learning about diet and nutrition?

This is a course on intuitive eating and self-love. It's not a diet. Nutrition will be mentioned, but this is more about listening to your body, trusting yourself, and finding freedom with food so you can confidently eat what you truly want, be healthy, and feel satisfied.

2. Does it actually work?

Yes. Although the time frame for freedom is different for everyone, if you're committed, you'll heal your relationship with food and your body while learning to truly love and value yourself.

3. How much does it cost?

There are 3 different sign up options. You can choose the option that's best for you.

4. Will I be able to ask personal questions?

Yes. No matter which course option you sign up for, you'll have access to the Beautiful Badass secret FB group where you can share, ask questions, and give or receive support.

5. Do you offer private coaching?

Yes. If you'd like some more personalized support, then Beautiful Badass Heart is for you.

6. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes. If you decide within the first week that this course is not for you, no problem! You can email hello@lisarachelsnyder.com for a full refund. (This applies to the 7 week courses only.)