Beautiful Badass: Week 5


STEP 4: Love

Welcome to the heart of this program. Love underlies everything.


Intro to Love

This week is all about Step 4: Love.

Love Overview

Love, The Heart Chakra, development, traumas, symptoms, healing.

Compassionate Eating

Learn what it means to eat compassionately and why it's necessary for a healthy relationship with food.

Love and Attention

Love and attention are one and the same.

The Power of Grief

When we allow ourselves to grieve past hurts, we make space for more joy and freedom.

Mindful Movement

Get grounded in the body with a focus on heart-opening.


Alternate nostril breathing balances the body, mind, and spirit. Follow that with the heart-warming affirmation, “I am love(d).”

Self-Love Meditation

Experience one of the most direct ways to give yourself unconditional love.

This Week’s Practices

1. Self-Love
2. Mirror Work
3. Compassion List
4. Self-Awarenes / Grounding / Mindful Eating / Exposure