Beautiful Badass: Week 3


STEP 2: Nourishment

Nourishment is both physical and emotional. This week, we delve into how to nourish yourself in both ways, so that you’re truly satisfied.


Intro to Nourishment

This week is about Step 2: Nourishment and Mindful Eating.

Nourishment Overview

Nourishment and pleasure, The Sacral Chakra, development, trauma, symptoms, and healing.

Emotional Eating and Intention

Emotional Eating gets a bad rap, but it's not necessarily unhealthy. What matters is the intention behind it. The intention behind any action determines the outcome of that action.

Move • Dance • Shake

Playfully get grounded in the body while allowing the energy to flow.

Food Choices Intro

Learn how to choose the right foods for your body on any given day.

Food Intuition Exercise

Get grounded and tune into your body's intuition to choose the foods your body craves.

Mindful Eating Steps

1. Hunger
2. Choice
3. Calm
4. Ritual
5. Pace
6. Satisfaction
7. Patience

Trigger Foods

Eventually, no food will be off limits (unless you have an allergy), but for now, here's how to work with trigger foods.

The Pendulum

When we restrict, we’re setting ourselves up for a binge. When we binge, we’re setting ourselves up for a purge. Here’s how you break the cycle.

This Week’s Practices

1. Pleasure
2. Mindful Eating
3. Self-Awareness / Grounding